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MARCH 26TH, 2022 

For this SMUGGLERS RUN event, your team will take on the role of one of the Wolverines from the Classic Movie Red Dawn. You will be tasked with saving Orange County from Russian invasion as you head for the hills and uncover clues on how to infiltrate the supply depot and smuggle supplies back to your base. Will you and your navigator have what it takes to interact with spies, uncover the clues and navigate your way to the supply depot? Will you have all your "papers" in order to negotiate your way through security checkpoints in order to steal the goods? Will the rebels trust you to dine with them for lunch and dinner and ultimately celebrate with them at their undisclosed location in the hills? 

Event Registration includes the following:

  • Curated on-road and off-road trail ride with thematic experience

  • Obstacles and challenges along the route

  • Clues and puzzles for the team to solve

  • Interactive experience with characters to negotiate your way through the checkpoints

  • Catered lunch and dinner

  • Drinks and snacks throughout the day

Image by Jeff James
Military hardware parade



Thanks for registering for SMUGGLERS RUNS. This event opens for onsite checkin and Jeep Showcase at Rebel Off-Road at 7am. The SMUGGLERS RUN will start at 8am. The official event will conclude at 9pm . Event information will be emailed to you closer to the event. See you there!

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