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 the premier off-road rally experience.


an off-road rally adventure filled with trail riding, competition, discovery, music and food.

Desert Road

Which route will you choose?

Valley Road
Hiking Trail

driver and navigator choose which curated route to take and may even find secret routes along the adventure. 

Winding Forest Road

Will you arrive at the final destination empty handed or Can you pass the challenges and obstacles to find the items that need to be smuggled?

Will your team earn the title of ELITE Smugglers?


The vehicle should be AWD with moderate ground clearance in good working order. All makes and manufacturers are welcome and wanted to create a diverse spread of vehicle types. New off-road drivers as well as seasoned veterans will all be able to complete and enjoy the journey.


We choose a varying degree of curated trails with the objective that the trail can be completed by most stock off-road vehicles. The trails chosen are meant to be an enjoyable challenge for the driver while still enjoyable for everyone with options for more challenging trails that are not required to complete the adventure and reach the final destination. 

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