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Get ready to immortalize the off-road adventure of a lifetime! We're thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to relive every mud-splattering moment, conquer every trail, and showcase your team's triumphs with our Media Package.

What's Included:

Professional Rig Showcase: Our expert videographers will capture every angle of your rig, highlighting its prowess in action at the checkpoints. This is your chance to flaunt your off-road beast!


Team Spotlight: From the camaraderie to conquering challenging challenges together, we'll document your team's journey, ensuring you have memories to cherish.


Action Highlights: Relive the thrill and adrenaline with a personalized video montage of your off-road experience from several of the checkpoints. Share it with friends, family, and fellow off-road enthusiasts to spread the excitement.


You will receive a collection of photos and a final video reel showcasing the experience. 


Don't miss the chance to turn your off-road escapade into a cinematic masterpiece!

Event Media Package

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